Deleting Master Tickets

You can delete the Master Tickets for which you are authorized. In addition, if your administrator has configured business rules to do so, subtask tickets can be updated automatically by editing their Master Ticket.


You cannot delete a Master Ticket while another user is editing it. A warning appears, advising you of the situation. You can cancel your Delete request and try again later. If you are deleting multiple workspaces, the ones being edited are skipped.

To delete a Master Ticket

  1. On your Home page, select the Master Ticket that you want to modify and double-click the Ticket number.
  2. Verify that the subtask tickets are closed or ready to be closed:
    1. Review the linked subtask tickets.
    2. Update the tickets as described in Editing subtasks.
    3. Change their Status to a Closed or Completed value.
    4. Save the tickets.
    5. Close the ticket pages and return to the Master Ticket page.
  3. Click Actions > Delete.
    A confirmation message appears.
  4. Click Yes.
    The Master Ticket no longer appears in the list of records shown on the Home page.

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