Data model for FootPrints version 12.1.06 and 12.1.07

The database tables for version 12.1.05, 12.1.06, and 12.1.07 are the same. With version 12.1.06, FootPrints provides upgraded deliverables that contain better information. The FootPrints database contains standard named tables and columns that can be expanded to show longer logical names. The new deliverables have format changes designed to allow easier readability and are fully indexed.

To download the FootPrints 12.1.06 and 12.1.07 data model zip file, click here.


You must extract the entire package to view the data model content.

To view the data model

  1. After downloading the file, save it to a new folder.
  2. Extract the files.
    If the files are not extracted, the HTML model will not launch correctly.
  3. To view the HTML model, launch the Footprints 12.1.06 – HTML Data Model.htm file.
    The Footprints 12.1.06 – HTML Data Model.htm file fetches the different pages in the main page from the underlying folders in the FootPrints_Data_Model_12.1.06_Data_Model folder.
    Each subject area has a list of tables that contain definitions and columns, which is followed by a logical and a physical Diagram. The HTML is an alphabetical list of tables.
  4. Open any of the other 3 data models which are in a PDF format.
    You must have a PDF viewer to open any the following files:
    • FootPrints 12.1.06 - Data Model Subject Areas and Diagrams: This is the print version of all of the information in the HTML data model Subject Area section. It contains a Diagram section organized by subject area. This is followed by a list of Entity and Attribute definitions organized by subject area. The Index at the bottom of the document also allows you to search for any column or table name, in addition to any Logical Name in the diagram.
    • FootPrints 12.1.06 - Alphabetical list of tables: This is the print version of the alphabetical list of tables. It does not contain diagrams, only text information. It contains logical and physical tables, so do check the Do Not Generate flag. The alphabetic list of chapters uses the logical names of the tables. The index at the bottom of the document allows you to search for any column or table name, in addition to any Logical Name in the diagram.
    • FootPrints 12.1.06 - Large Format Print Data Models: This diagram consist of large single pages suitable for printing on a large format plotter.
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