Creating contact records

Contact information for users can be added to FootPrints from an existing address book, by linking to an external database, or by manually entering the information.

Address book data can be imported and managed within FootPrints. The user IDs in the imported data must match the primary key data for the contacts in the address book. For example, if Email address is the primary key, the user ID must be the user's email address. For more information, see Loading external data into address books.

Contact data can be obtained dynamically from an outside contact database (such as Microsoft Exchange) if an LDAP address book link is enabled. The unique keys in the address book must also match the user IDs.

Generally, contacts are added to address books by uploading contact records in batches or by connecting to an external database. When needed, you can add contacts manually to an address book as described below.

To create a contact record

  1. Click the More tab and select Address Book.
  2. Click Actions and select New > Contact.
    If you are authorized for multiple address books, you can select the appropriate address book and contact type.
  3. Fill in the fields as needed.
    If a Login field is included, it must contain a unique value in your system.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • To submit the current changes, but continue working on the record to make further changes, click Save.
    • To save and close the form, click Submit.
    The system checks the primary key field (usually the email address) for duplicate contacts. If a match is found, an error message appears. Modify the conflicting value and click Save again.

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