Creating address books

You can create as many address books as you need to manage your contacts.


When you create a new container, by default, all the user roles in the container are assigned access to the out-of-the-box items.

To create an address book

  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. In the Address Books section, click Create.
    The Create new Address Book dialog box appears.
  3. In the Container Name field, type a name for this address book.
  4. (Optional) To use an existing template:

    1. Select Create from Template.
      A file selection field appears.

    2. Click Browse and select an XML template file.

  5. Do either of the following:
    • To configure the address book further before publishing, click Create.
    • To publish the address book now and configure it later, click Create and publish.
      The Address Book details page appears. The new address book is designated as a FootPrints internal address book by default.
  6. Configure the settings for the address book.
    You can modify the fields shown in the right pane or click a link in the left pane to work with contact items, relationships, shared fields, and so on. For more information about these options, see:
  7. If you want to use an external address book, follow the instructions in the Related topics.

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