Creating address book data files

You can import data into a FootPrints address book from comma-separated value (CSV) files. As part of creating the import task, you can map fields from the source file to the address book.

Empty field processing

When updating contact data, newly loaded data overwrites existing data, For example, if empty fields are uploaded for an existing contact, any data already contained in those fields will be removed from the contact record.

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The required fields for contact records are Last Name, First Name, and Email Address; these fields must contain data. Email Address is used as the primary key by default.

Primary key field data always required

If you do not include the primary key field data in the import file, a "Problem on import execution" message occurs. Primary key data is required even if you later remove the field from the address book form and set its Permissions to not required.

The fields for each contact must be separated by commas, and data (or a placeholder) must be present for each field.

A new-line separator must appear at the end of each record.

The fields can be listed in any order in the CSV file.

Records can wrap on multiple lines and include double quotation marks.


You can load check box data by using any of the following values for checked: “on”, “1”, “true”, or “yes”. All other values found in check box fields are processed as unchecked.

If commas are included in the data file, make sure to add double quotation marks (""xyz"") to the values of in those fields. You can add them to all fields to make sure that when commas are included, the field data will be processed correctly.

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