Configuring your FootPrints Sync settings

After your system administrator configures FootPrints Sync, you can synchronize your external applications such as Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office 365 with the FootPrints database and calendar. Using FootPrints Sync, you can create and update appointments in your personal and workspace calendars. You can configure the synchronization settings with either Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office 365 as per your organization's requirements.

If FootPrints Sync is not configured for your system, your personal and workspace calendars are listed with their CalDAV URLs.

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Before you begin

Ensure that FootPrints Sync is configured with either Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office 365 depending on your organization's requirement. For more information see Configuring FootPrints Sync.

To configure with Microsoft Exchange or Office 365

  1. Click the Welcome, userName menu and select FootPrints Sync.
  2. In the Configure Sync Options section, perform the following actions:

    1. Select the Enable FootPrints Sync check box.
    2. Depending on whether Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 is configured for your system, in the External Credentials section, do one of following:
      • For Microsoft Exchange configuration, enter your User Name and Password.
      • For Microsoft Office 365 configuration, enter your Account Email and Password.
    3. Click Test Credentials.
  3. In the Synchronize Direction section, select to synchronize the data either from External Data to FootPrints, FootPrints Data to External Applications, or Synchronize Both Ways.
  4. In the Auto Synchronization section, select either to synchronize the data automatically each day at some fixed time, at some fixed interval of hours, or to not synchronize automatically.
  5. In the Appointments Sync section:
    1. Select Enable Appointments Sync.
    2. In the FootPrints to External Application section, select whether your Personal appointments or your Personal plus Workspace appointments are synchronized from FootPrints to External Application.
    3. In the External Data to FootPrints section, select how Private and Public Appointments are synchronized from External application to FootPrints.

      Data override consideration

      If you select synchronization in both directions (FootPrints to External application and External Data to FootPrints), the system synchronizes appointments from FootPrints to External Application first and then from External Data to FootPrints. This means if an appointment or task is changed in FootPrints and then synchronized with External application, any changes made previously in External application to the same appointment could be overwritten by FootPrints data.

    4. In the Auto sync on Create/Update section, select Sync Appointments.
      If you select Auto Sync on Create/Update, your FootPrints calendar synchronizes the appointments with Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365 as soon as they are created or updated, and not only when a scheduled synchronization runs. Appointments deleted in FootPrints are deleted immediately in Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365 in all cases.
  6. Click Save.
  7. To manually synchronize your appointments, click Sync Now.
    All selected options are synchronized. You can select to synchronize only those appointments that are changed within a selected date range (the default), or select to synchronize any changes made since the last synchronization.

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