Configuring work targets

A work target (WT) is a record used to track the response or resolution times for a particular ticket. When a ticket is created in a workspace that is linked to a service portfolio, and the field values match an Activate SLM type business rule defined in your environment, the rule is triggered and searches for a matching service level target (SLT). Built-in fields (such as Created By) are not used for matching.

The relevant information in the SLT is used to generate the WT which is linked automatically to both the SLT and the originating ticket. Calculated values from the SLT are included in the WT; for example, deadlines for response and resolution. When the WT is completed, the linked records are also updated.

You can create multiple Work Target items in each service portfolio that you create. For example, you might create one for each level of support with the appropriate response and resolution requirements.

Work targets not deleted automatically

If you created a workspace and its related service portfolio manually (not using the Business Process templates) and linked them to activate service level management, WTs are not deleted automatically when the related tickets are deleted. To delete WTs automatically in this case, create a business rule to delete them.

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