Configuring users

When you configure user accounts, you start the system-level options first by selecting a user role. Then, you select specific user roles for specific containers (to which the user should have access). This method allows you to configure an Agent user that has permissions to only the Workspaces and other containers that they need to access.

System Administrators can add users (Administrators, Agents, and Customers) to the system one at a time or add multiple users using a CSV file. For more information, see Importing users.

Container Administrators can add users individually to the containers for which they have administrative permissions. The topics in this section explain how to create individual user accounts and user teams. For more information about configuring user roles, see Configuring user roles.

Next steps

Download and review the Configuring users checklist attached to the Configuring user roles page.

Adding users

Adding System Administrators

Assigning users to multiple workspaces

Defining billing rates

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