Configuring surveys

Administrators can create surveys to gather feedback on the quality of service that customers receive from the Service Desk and other departments. Surveys can be automatically emailed to customers at any time — usually after a ticket they submitted is closed. Internal surveys are created within FootPrints, so that responses can be collected and used for reports. External surveys can be accessed via survey emails, either as attachments or using links to surveys outside of FootPrints.

There are several steps to using surveys in your environment. You must create a Survey item in a workspace, adding question fields with response options, adding questions and instructions to the survey form, defining business rules to manage sending the survey, and creating an email template for sending it.

You can create as many surveys as you need and associate each one with a particular ticket item. Multiple surveys can be sent for each ticket item by defining the necessary criteria in the associated Customer Survey rules.

For the survey to be emailed automatically to customers, you must configure a Customer Survey rule in the Ticket item associated with the survey. This rule determines how and when the survey is emailed to customers. For example, the rule might say to send a survey to the contact listed on the ticket when a ticket is closed. You can create a Survey item in any workspace and use it in another workspace.

To configure a survey for your system, follow the instructions provided in the Next step and Related topics sections below.

If you want to create a survey to be emailed periodically instead of when a ticket is closed, send a mass email.

The following topics are provided:


System and workspace email notification must be configured before setting up surveys so that surveys can be emailed to customers. For more information, see Configuring email notification for your system and Configuring email notification for workspaces.

Survey task overview

Follow the links below to configure your survey.

  1. Plan your survey.
  2. Create a survey item:
    1. Create survey questions.
    2. Add questions and instructions to the survey form.
  3. Define the survey email template.
  4. Define a customer survey rule in a ticket item.
  5. Update permissions for the Agent and Customer user roles to give them access to the new survey item.
  6. Test your survey.

Next step

Planning your survey

Related topics

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