Configuring service level targets

In FootPrints, contract information is transformed into two service portfolio items: a contract item with general information and a service level target (SLT) with specific numeric values for response and resolution periods. You can define as many SLTs as you need, selecting resolution times and other settings to manage the progress of tickets from creation to closure in an efficient and timely manner.

For example, in a corporate service desk, SLTs may be defined for different incident types, such as "Network outage", with a resolution time of 2 hours, or "Request new speakers", with a resolution time of 2 weeks.

It is important to set realistic expectations when creating SLTs to allow your agents to respond to tickets and meet or exceed the related service levels.

If you use the ITSM Business Process template to set up your environment, a service portfolio is created that includes a Contract item (named Service Level Agreement) and a Service Level Target item. The SLT item is linked to the Contract item with the Contract/SLT relationship.

Using form configuration on the Administration tab, the administrator can include any fields on the service level agreement form that the business requires, including the agreement date, scope, and links to associated contacts and service level targets.

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