Configuring service level management

Service level management (SLM) uses ticket definitions in workspaces and in service portfolios combined with business rules that trigger target date calculations. You must define a business rule for each item in the workspace that you want to interact with SLM and for each Work Target item in the related service portfolio. For example, you can create business rules to send email when a certain percentage of the fulfillment is completed or a certain percentage of the total allowed time has passed.

Service level targets (SLTs) are defined in individual items in your service portfolios. They contain a number of built-in fields such as Response Time, Resolution Time and so on.

For example, a ticket is created with a certain priority and other specific values. A business rule is triggered and searches for a matching SLT. All criteria defined in the business rule must match. If numerous SLTs are defined in the service portfolio, the SLTs that do not match are ignored. Once an exact match is found, a work target record is created and linked to the ticket. Calculated values (such as deadlines for response and resolution) are taken from the SLT and included in the work target.

Configuration can be complex, at least the first time. 

For detailed instructions, see the Related topics.

For more information about setting up business rules for sending notifications about response and resolution dates, see Defining rules for sending SLM notifications.

The following video (7:39) presentation gives an overview of Service Level Management.

About creating a service level requirement (SLR) record

You can submit requests for service level requirements (SLRs) using following methods:

  • By submitting a request
  • By creating an incident
  • By requesting a change to the service level target from the customer portal.

You can get the request templates from the administrators to make this simple and to ensure that you gather the necessary information.

For detailed instructions, see the Related topics.

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