Configuring service categories

A service category can be any type of service that an organization might offer. You can set up service categories in a hierarchy (called a category tree) with as many levels of subcategories as you want. Within those categories, you list your services, such as "Request paid time off", "Request unpaid leave", and so on.

Once the categories are defined, you add a Category Tree form control to the appropriate service forms. This form control first displays the top category and then, as the user clicks the navigation arrows, displays each level of subcategory. Very little customization is needed to format this function.

For example, you might set up top-level categories for IT Services, Human Resources Services, and so on. Under the Human Resources Services category, you might set up subcategories such as Hiring, Termination, and Benefits. The Benefits category could have its own subcategories such as Insurance and Paid Time Off, and the Paid Time Off category could have subcategories such as Vacation, Holidays, Sick Leave, and Unpaid Leave.

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