Configuring record definitions

As the next step in the Getting started quickly path, you configure the record types (items) in your containers. If you are using the ITSM business process, the basic items have been created with many useful settings. You can modify the settings to better suit your needs. You can also create items and configure those. Each item includes its own fields, forms, templates, business rules, and workflow processes.


BMC recommends that you do not add more than 100 fields on a single form. If you add more than 100 fields, it might impact the application performance.

In the following table, tasks that you perform for all items in the same way are listed first, followed by tasks specific to each type of item.

This table links to instructions on how to configure most item properties. Automation tasks are performed later after some additional configuration. For information about configuring business rules and workflow processes, see Automating notifications and other actions.

Linking to records and data

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