Configuring items

An item definition (also called a record definition) contains the configuration settings used to manage records (such as tickets, contacts, solutions, CIs, and so on). This definition includes an item's fields and forms. For some types of items, this includes the configuration of rules and workflows

You can add, edit and delete items in containers for which you are authorized. When an item is ready for use, you publish the container to the production environment and assign users to access it.

The following example shows a workspace that is created by using an out-of-the-box templates. It contains three item definitions - incident, problem, and service request:

The following example shows a workspace configuration page for the Incident item:

To add an item

  1. Open the container where you want to add the item:
    1. Click the Administration tab.
    2. In the appropriate section, click the name of the container or click Manage to open the container Administration page. Then double-click the container.
      The container details page appears. 

  2. In the left pane, click the item link (such as Record Definitions for workspaces or Contacts for address books).
    The Items page appears. 
  3. Click New Item and select the type of item that you want to create.
    The Item details page appears.
  4. Review the information in the right pane and modify it as needed. If you change any values, click Save before proceeding.
  5. (Optional) To add a description for this item, in the left pane, click Properties and in the Description field, type a useful description.
  6. In the left pane, click each of the links in turn, and update the information as needed. Make sure to click Save before moving on to the next section.
    Details for each section are provided in the topics listed below.
  7. When you have finished configuring this item, click Save.
  8. Publish the container to implement your changes:
    1. In the breadcrumb trail, click the container link.

    2. Click Save and Publish.

      A confirmation message appears.

    3. Click Yes.

      The Publication Succeeded message appears, showing the number of errors and warnings.

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