Configuring help finder widgets

You can configure "help finder" widgets that list the Help topics that users are most like to need, right in their FootPrints portal. When they click a link in the list, that topic opens in a new window. They can browse and search the wiki for additional information. Clicking the Back button in the browser window returns them to their default portal.

To create a help finder widget

  1. Open the console where you want to add the widget.
  2. Drag a Custom HTML widget on to the left pane.
  3. In the Title field, enter a descriptive title, such as "Help Finder".
  4. In the HTML Code field:
    1. Type the instructions for the users, such as "Click a link to view the Help. Click the Back arrow in your browser to return."
    2. Add the list of links that are most useful to the users who will see this widget.You can copy and paste from the sample lists below. If you prefer to work in the source code, click the double-right arrow at the top of the field and select Source.
      For a suggested list of links sorted by user role, see Sample link lists.
    3. (Optional) Format the widget text as desired, using the options at the top of the field.You can also insert formatting tags in the source code.
  5. When your widget content is ready, click Save.
  6. If the console is not already assigned to the portal where you want users to see it:
    1. Open the portal and move the console to the Selected field.
    2. Click Save.

The new widget will be visible to your users the next time they refresh the page or log in.

Sample link lists

The following table lists the topics most often used by different types of users.

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Submitting tickets
Searching for solutions
Viewing your tickets

Viewing attachments
Editing your tickets
Closing your tickets

Using Chat
Setting user preferences
Logging out

Service Desk agent

Logging in

Navigating in FootPrints
Customizing your FootPrints environment
Getting started quickly for agents
Configuring your FootPrints Sync
Searching in FootPrints
Viewing records
Creating records
Updating records
Closing and deleting records
Managing appointments
Voting on approval requests
Resetting your password
Running reports
Using FootPrints Mobile

Address book administrator

Configuring address books
Creating address books
Creating address book data files
Configuring contact items
Configuring Master Contact records
Editing address books
Deleting address books


Viewing tickets
Voting on approval requests
Voting on approval requests via email

CMDB administrator

Configuring CMDBs
Importing CIs from BCM
Importing CIs from CSV files
Importing CIs from SQL databases
Importing CI relationships from BCM
Importing CI relationships from CSV files
Importing CI relationships from SQL databases
Editing CMDBs
Creating CIs
Editing CIs
Deleting CIs

Knowledge base administrator

Configuring knowledge bases
Configuring approvals for solutions
Linking to external knowledge bases
Editing knowledge bases
Deleting knowledge bases
Creating solutions
Editing solutions
Deleting solutions


Configuring reports
Types of reports
Defining filters for reports
Editing reports
Running reports
Drilling down into report data
Exporting report data
Printing reports

Service portfolio administrator

Configuring SLM in a service portfolio
Configuring SLM in a workspace
Configuring service portfolios
Configuring service categories
Configuring services
Configuring service level targets
Configuring contracts
Configuring work targets
Editing service portfolios
Deleting service portfolios

Workspace administrator

Configuring workspaces
Creating workspaces
Copying workspaces
Editing workspaces
Deleting workspaces
Configuring asset lookup for contacts
Configuring time tracking for a workspace
Deleting Master Tickets
Deleting subtask tickets

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