Configuring asset lookup for contacts

When BMC Client Management (BCM) is configured for your system, you can configure automatic asset lookup for your workspaces for assets related to the contact on a ticket and add links for those assets to the ticket. Your users can also select assets for tickets manually. For more information, see Selecting assets for tickets.

You can select from the following trigger actions:

  • An agent selects a contact for a new record or for an existing record
  • A customer submits a new record via the Web interface
  • An agent or a customer submits a new record via email
  • An agent or a customer submits a new record via Web services

If only one asset is found, a link to the asset is added to the ticket. If multiple assets are found, a dialog box appears where you can select assets.

Email and Web exception

When the lookup is triggered from a ticket submitted via web services or email, the first asset found is always selected.

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