Configuring address books

You can use address books to maintain internal and external contact information. You can create multiple address books and multiple contact items within them, and can select an address book source for each item. Master Contact record definitions apply standard values to contact records. While there must be  one Contact item in each address book, no Master Contact record is required.

If your environment uses different terms when referring to address book records, you can customize item names as needed.

The following sources for address book content are supported:

  • Internal address book (default)
  • LDAP
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Microsoft CRM

Address book types are configured at the contact item level. You can also link to external web sources.


To use an external address book other than LDAP, you must have purchased the External Address Book license, an add-on to FootPrints. For more information, contact a BMC sales representative or your local distributor.

Configuring address books includes the following steps:

  1. Create the address book.
  2. Create and configure any shared fields needed for this address book.
  3. Configure the Contact including the source of the contact records, i.e. either internal or some external system like LDAP. 
  4. Configure relationships between the address book contacts and tickets or configuration items. 
  5. Publish the address book to make it available to your users.

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