Components that are not implemented or migrated

When you migrate from FootPrints version 11.6.01 or later to FootPrints version 12.0 or later, a number of components such as address book reports, calendar appointments, and so on are not migrated. 

Refer to the value in the Status in version 12.0 column to understand why a component is not migrated:

  • Not migrated: The component has not yet been added to the migration tool.
  • Not implemented: The component is not yet implemented in FootPrints version 12.0 or later.
  • Discontinued: The component is obsolete and has been discontinued.

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FeatureSettingsStatus in version 12.0Additional help
Active Directory Password Reset
  • Quick issue templates for new tickets that get created upon successful/unsuccessful password reset or account unlock
  • Registered users
  • Security challenge questions and answers
Not migratedConfiguring settings for Active Directory Password Reset
Address Book

Address book reports Not migratedConfiguring address book fields with field headers
Address book saved searchesNot migrated
Field headers for address book fieldsNot migrated
Email notification option to send alert when Customer enters value in organizational field on contact formDiscontinuedNA
Scheduled mass mailingsNot migratedNA
Supervisor field typeNot implemented

Reviewing Supervisor and Twitter ID fields

Twitter ID field typeNot implemented

Address Book - External

MS Access, MySQL, DB2, SybaseDiscontinuedNA
OracleNot implementedConfiguring unsupported external address book types
Alignability Process  Model (APM)

APM link on FootPrints toolbar and on ticket form - links to ITSM process model

Not implementedNA

Asset Core (BCM) Integration


Asset Core (BCM) workspace-level settings and fieldsNot migratedSystem-level Asset Management configuration is migrated.
Advanced Actions configured in quick issue templatesNot migratedThis can be configured on FootPrints version 12 after migration.
For more information, see Creating and managing Quick Templates.
Asset Management - SMS (SCCM)Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) is now called System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)Not implementedNA
AttachmentsAttachment rulesNot implementedNA
Attachment settingsNot migratedNA
AuthenticationWindows authenticationDiscontinued

To configure LDAP in FootPrints version 12.0, navigate to System Management > System Settings > Authentication.
For more information, see LDAP method of system authentication.

CalendarAvailability options for checking availability of Agents assigned to ticketsNot migratedNA
Calendar appointmentsNot migratedNA
Calendar preferences - email alerts for appointments, calendar view settings, time format, default reminder timeDiscontinuedNA
Auto Create Calendar Appointment from Date-Time field            Not implemented

Users who create tickets can manually create calendar appointments and keep them in sync with a date-time field.

Change Manager

Change Management configuration and approval data

Not migratedNA
Configuration Manager (CMDB)CMDB configuration and CI dataNot migratedNA
CI links in quick issue templatesNot implementedNA
Workspace option: [Enable/Disable] Propose Creation/Change to CINot implementedNA
Dashboard WidgetsCustom HTML dashboard widgetsNot migratedNA
 Workspace Totals dashboard widgetNot migratedIn FootPrints12, use a report and a chart widget based on the report.
For more information, see Customizing your Dashboard.
DatabasesOracleNot implemented

SQL Server and PostgreSQL are supported in FootPrints version 12. You can export from any FootPrints version 11 supported database and migrate to any FootPrints version 12 supported database.

Date and Time formatSystem-level settings for date format (American, European, ISO) and time format (12, 24)Not implementedAfter migration, users have the default settings for all FootPrints version 11 Preferences settings.The date format uses the date format of the default work schedule.
For more information, see Configuring work schedules.
EmailEmail filter options: No Accept, Only Accept, No Send, Only SendNot migratedNA
Email notification option: Send Introduction Email - Instructs about how to create, edit, and search tickets via email.DiscontinuedNA
Email notification template: settings for attached filesNot implementedNA
Incoming email options: Create Issue (Customer, Agent), Edit Issues, Security code, Email Queries, Mandatory Fields, Change SenderNot migratedIn FootPrints version 12, to configure, navigate to System Management > Email Settings > Incoming Email (Workspace).
For more information, see Configuring incoming email for workspaces.
Spam catcher for incoming emailDiscontinuedFootPrints 12.0 does not integrate with spam-blocking software. To configure email filters at the system level or workspace, navigate to System Management > Email Settings.
For more information, see Configuring incoming email for your system.
Include attachments for this issue check boxNot implementedNA
Approval Comments in EmailNot implemented

You cannot include approval comments in an email because there is no variable for it in the email templates.

  • Broadcast Message - Individual Agents
  • Broadcast Message - Assignees of each Issue
  • Create Proposed CIs / Implement Proposed CI Changes
  • Cross-Workspace Copy - Include Related Subtasks
  • Delete Attachments
  • Edit Workspace or AB Fields - Current Date option - Date Field
  • Edit Workspace or AB Fields - %%PROJID%% variable
  • Execute External Action - %%PROJID%% variable
  • Move the priority X steps toward highest|lowest
Not implementedConfiguring escalation with actions
Action: Send a Customer Satisfaction SurveyNot migratedFootPrints version 12 has a rule action: Send Survey email.
For more information, see Configuring surveys and Defining actions for business rules.
Criteria: Attachment file nameNot implementedConfiguring escalations with Attachment Filename criteria
Criteria: Check box field option: Off (incl. null values)Not implementedReviewing escalations with Checkbox Field criterion turned off
Criteria: Issue Types to IncludeNot implementedConfiguring escalation criteria for specific issue types
Re-escalate optionNot implementedReviewing escalations set to not re-escalate
Time-based escalations - "only act once" re-escalate behaviorNot implementedReviewing time-based Rules with Age Trigger and Re-escalate option
Fields/FormsAssignee picker field widthNot migrated

Configurable in FootPrints version 12.0 in form layout.
For more information, see Configuring forms.

Attachments tab - Help TextNot migratedConfiguring help text in the Attachments section
Check box field - configurable on/off stringsNot implementedNA
Custom HTML fields containing JavaScriptNot migratedReviewing Custom HTML fields with JavaScript
Custom HTML fields - permissionsNot migratedReviewing the hidden custom HTML fields
Date-Time field - "no time" optionDiscontinuedNA
Email address field validation (workspace level option)Discontinued

Workspace level option are not required in FootPrints version 12.0.

Based on the FootPrints version 11.0 workspace settings, the Email Address type field is migrated as a simple text field for which the validation property is set to Email or None.

For more information, see Configuring incoming email for workspaces.
Form Designer drafts (unpublished forms)Not migratedReviewing Form Designer drafts
Help Text containing JavaScriptNot migratedReviewing fields with Help Text containing JavaScript
Order of DescriptionsNot implementedNA
Real number field property: Length - TotalNot migratedAfter migration, FootPrints version 12.0 sets the Value Length of the field as Any.
Title field - internal choicesNot implementedNA
InstaCalcMathematical calculations by using field valuesNot migrated

FootPrints version 12.0 has a new rule action: Calculate field value. For more information, see Defining rules that use mathematical formulas.

Knowledge BaseKnowledge Base configuration, associated roles and permissions, solutions dataNot migratedNA
LanguagesDefault language for workspaceDiscontinuedThis setting is not required in FootPrints version 12.0. Users can access system from a portal which enables them to access multiple workspaces and other containers simultaneously. 
Customize language of workspace and address book field labelsNot migratedAvailable in FootPrints version 12. Form administration allows you to create a version in a different language.
Support for right-to-left languages (for example, Hebrew)Not implementedNA
Support for double byte characters in MS SQL ServerNot implementedSupport for double byte characters is only supported if you are using PosgreSQL as the back end database. For more information, see Creating a custom language.
LicenseFootPrints version 11.0 license settingsNot migratedNA
MobileMobile configuration of fields to display on mobile interfaceNot migrated

Not applicable on FootPrints version 12.0.

 Quick issue templates with Template Usage = Mobile Interface onlyNot migratedMobile option for quick templates is available on FootPrints version 12: Workspace Administration > (Ticket) > Record Definition > Quick Templates > Forms and Fields > Forms > Agent Mobile check box.
For more information, see Configuring forms.
MRlocalDefs VariablesMRlocalDefs variables - UnknownNot migratedNA
MRlocalDefs variablesNot implementedNA
MRlocalDefs variables - Supported in v12Not migratedNA
PasswordsCertain agent and customer passwordsNot migratedReviewing passwords that cannot be migrated
Password security settingsNot implementedWarning: Locked users are automatically unlocked after migration.
Preventive MaintenancePreventive Maintenance configuration and data related to the templates, calendar appointments, and ticket-to-calendar linksNot migratedNA
Quick DescriptionPersonal Quick DescriptionsNot implementedNA
Workspace Quick DescriptionsNot migrated

Refer the support article to implement similar functionality.

The following video provides information about how to make quick descriptions in FootPrints version 12.

Quick EditQuick Edit mode for ticket updatesNot implementedNA
Quick Issue TemplatesAttachments in quick issue templatesNot implementedNA
current date and time check box for Date Time field
current date check box for Date field
Not implementedOn migration import, fields in a quick issue template that selected this option are cleared in the template.
  • Saved reports
  • Executive Dashboard
  • My Reports
  • Metrics
  • Cross Workspace
  • Time Tracking
  • Knowledge Base
  • Workspace Flashboard
  • Personal Flashboard
Not migratedIssue Lifecycle status groupings used by Executive Dashboard are migrated.
Auto Run ReportsNot migratedNA
Report templatesNot migratedNA
CSV and HTML report formattingNot implementedNA
Sales/CRM IntegrationSales/CRM integration configurationNot implementedNA
SearchWorkspace saved searchesNot migratedNA
Search criteria: Attachment FilenameNot implementedNA
Search criteria: Search Only Issue Numbers N through NNNot implementedNA
Setting a default sort order for a searchNot implemented

Users who run the search can sort by any column, but there is no option for the user who creates the search to set a default sort order.

Service CatalogService Catalog configuration and Service Request dataNot migrated

The Service Catalog functionality uses the Service Portfolio container type in FootPrints version 12.0.
For more information, see Configuring service portfolios.

Service Level ManagementService Level Management configuration of Service Level AgreementsNot migratedSLA related fields and data are migrated as regular workspace fields but with no association with Service Level Agreements. Service Level Management functionality in FootPrints version 12.0 can be configured in the Service Portfolio container type. For more information, see Configuring service level management.
Social Media ConnectorsSocial Media Connectors configuration - enables agents to send social media broadcast from ticket page and to create tickets from Twitter feed on the dashboard widget.Not implementedNA
Subtask Field InheritanceWorkspace-level option applies to all subtask quick issue templates and specifies fields that will inherit value from masterNot migrated

The workspace level options for a template are not migrated in FootPrints version 12.0.

Update selected subtask fields on demand when updating masterNot migratedUpdating subtasks while editing Master tasks
Subtask Sequencing
  • Subtask sequencing configuration
  • Associated statuses
  • Sequencing configured in master tickets
  • Sequencing configured in quick issue templates
Not implementedNA
SurveysSurvey configuration and data, including Survey workspacesNot migratedNA
System Appearance PreferencesColorsNot migratedSelecting a theme for FootPrints version 12.0
Cookies that enable Save My Password option on the login pageDiscontinuedNA
FootPrints Base URLNot migratedTo configure, navigate to System Management > System Settings > Server Configuration.
For more information, see Configuring the server settings.
Name of workspace record and address book recordDiscontinued
Font typeDiscontinuedNA
Maximum body size for incoming emailNot migratedTo configure, navigate to System Management > Email Settings > Incoming Email (System).
For more information, see Restricting incoming message size.
Logo (top frame) - image file, option to make it clickableNot implementedNA
Logo (login page) - image fileNot implementedNA
Currency symbolNot migratedTo configure, navigate to System Management > System Settings > Miscellaneous.
For more information, see Configuring miscellaneous system settings.
Multi-line text field - default sizeDiscontinuedConfigurable in FootPrints version 12.0 at the workspace item level in the form layout.
For more information, see Configuring forms.
Tickets - Contact LinkingTickets submitted from Customer portal automatically associate contact infoNot migratedFootPrints version 12.0 has a rule action that can be used for this: Link Existing Record.
For more information, see Defining rules for linking records.
Tickets - Copy/Move OptionsAllow other workspaces to copy/move tickets into this workspaceNot implementedIn FootPrints version 12.0, rules can be configured to accomplish this.
For more information, see Types of business rules.
 Copy/move subtasks when copying/moving masters into this workspaceNot implementedNA
Tickets - CustomersCustomer role with Edit permission has Close button on ticket formDiscontinuedCan be accomplished in FootPrints version 12.0 by using a check box field and a rule to set status to Closed.
Tickets - Dynamic LinkingDynamic ticket linking options: Copy New Attachments, Add Contact to Address Book if New, Update Contact in Address BookNot implementedNA
Time TrackingTime Tracking configuration and reportsNot migratedTime Tracking data in tickets is migrated.
Unsupported product modificationsModifications to source filesNot migratedReviewing modified source files
Manual database changes to tables, triggers, and fieldsNot migratedNA

Account Type for Customer users - Shared or UniqueDiscontinuedIn FootPrints version 12.0, all customer accounts are unique.
Agent Preference TemplatesNot implementedConfiguring portals to customize agent environment
Auto add customersNot migratedNA
Auto add customers from LDAP source on first login   Not implementedThis has been replaced with a user import from an LDAP source.
Broadcast message to all logged in usersNot implementedNA

Customer portal workspace options - interface settings, fields displayed, ordering of fields, Primary Key options

Not implementedConfiguring portals to customize customer environment
Pager and wireless addressesDiscontinuedOnly migrates to secondary and tertiary email addresses in FootPrints version 12.0.

Section 508/Visually Impaired Enhancement - enables optimizations for use with text-to-speech browsers

Not implementedNA
Team assignment optionsNot implementedReviewing team assignment options
User preferencesNot migrated

After migration, FootPrints version 12.0 users have default values for settings that map to FootPrints version 11.0 Preferences settings. 

User RolesAgent role - status transition settingsNot migratedConfiguring workflow for status transitions
Agent role permission: Ordering subtasksNot implementedNA
Built-in fields - Separate permissions for create and for edit of ticketsNot implementedReviewing permissions for built-in fields
Customer role permission: Subscribe to Global itemsNot migratedNA
Customer role permission: Update their own contact infoNot implementedNA
Per-status field permissions - field level and per roleNot implementedNA
System default roles - determines initial permission settings for built-in workspace roles, and can be linked to from (built-in or custom) workspace rolesNot implementedNA
Web ServicesWeb Services configuration - allows ticket create, edit, search, and details retrieval; and contact create and editNot migratedNA
Work Schedules

Work schedule reporting options

Not implementedNA
Work schedule SLA optionsNot implementedNA
Workspace Options

Include/Exclude total number of matching tickets, when displaying page of search results (for example, Displaying 1-20 of 134 or Displaying 1-20) - affects performanceNot migratedNA
Toolbar options - adds additional links on toolbarNot migratedConfiguring portals to customize FootPrints general user environment
Terminology - singular and plural words for workspace ticketNot migratedNA
Workspace logoNot migratedConfiguring portals to customize FootPrints general user environment
Splash screen - displays workspace info in pop-up windowNot migrated

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