Closing and deleting records

When work is completed for a ticket, you can set the ticket's status to Resolved and start the closure process. In some cases, you can set the status to Closed as well, and in other cases, the ticket is closed automatically for you.

If authorized, you may be able to close other records types as well, such as service level targets (SLTs) or work targets.

Similarly, you may be authorized to delete records that are incorrect or no longer useful. Contact your administrator if you require this permission and do not have it.

For more information about closing and deleting records, see the Related topics.

To archive closed records

You can create a workspace called Archive and move the closed records to it. You can move the closed records by using any one of the following methods:

  • Use a business rule to automate the archiving of the closed records. For more information, see Configuring business rules.
  • Use the Move feature. Perform the following actions:
    1. Select the ticket. 
    2. Click Edit. 
    3. From the Actions list, select Move.
    4. In the Move to window, select the Destination workspace.
      For more information, see Creating workspaces.

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