Browsing audit trail logs

If you have System Administrator rights, you can view the audit logs for your system

In addition to changes made manually to records, the log includes changes made as the result of a rule running automatically, such as changing the status of a ticket.

To browse audit trail logs

  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. In the System Management section, click Troubleshooting > Logs.
    The Logs page appears, showing a list of audit trail records with most recent at the top. Each entry represents all changes made to a single object at one time. You can filter the list by date range, transaction ID, or domain object ID.
  3. To filter the list, select a filter type in the Filter field and enter your filter criteria in the fields as listed below:
    • By Date Range: Start Date, Start Time, End Date, and End Time. This is the default.
    • By Transaction ID: Transaction ID.
    • By Domain Objects: Domain Object Class, Domain Object ID, and Definition ID.
  4. Click Search. The list refreshes to show only records that match your criteria.
    The following fields are included:
    • Transaction ID: ID of the change transaction.
    • Domain Object Class: Java class of the table that was changed.
    • Domain Object ID: ID for the domain object.
    • Definition ID: Item definition such as a ticket, a contact, or a configuration item (CI).
    • Date: Date the change was applied.
    • User: ID of the person who made the change.
    • Message: Action performed (such as ADDED, UPDATED, REMOVED) or any other custom text relevant to the transaction.
  5. To expand an entry and view its details, click the plus sign in the first column.
    The Property Changed, Old Value, and New Value columns are shown for the change. If several properties were changed at the same time, they are all listed in the same entry with the new and old values.
  6. To refresh the list, click the Refresh icon at the bottom of the list.

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