12.1.08: Service Pack 8

This topic contains information about fixes and enhancements in the FootPrints 12.1.08 release, and provides instructions for downloading and installing or upgrading to 12.1.08 version. For information about the issues that are corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues

The following topics are provided:

Video overview

The following video (09:15) presentation provides an overview of enhancements in version 12.1.08.


Enhancements and changes

The following table lists items that are new or have changed in FootPrints version 12.1.08:

EnhancementDescriptionTopics updatedCommunity idea
Visibility of business rule name in historyIn the detailed record history, you can now see the business rule that has made a specific change to a ticket or other record. This information helps save time when you are troubleshooting rules, initially configuring the system, or understanding your organizations workflow.
Simplified copy and paste options for imagesYou can now copy and paste or drag images from the clipboard, library, or the web to the rich text editor fields to save time when inserting images.

Ability to copy quick templates

Administrators can now copy an existing quick template, modify appropriate fields and save it as a new quick template. This feature helps the administrators save time.

More work area on the screen while configuring a quick template

When creating or updating a quick template, you have a more usable work area and do not need to use the scroll bar.


Ability to copy Searches

Users can now copy an existing saved Search, modify the appropriate fields and settings, and save it as a new Search. This feature helps the users to save time.

Ability to assign records to creator as a member of their team

When using both the options, to assign to Creator and Creator’s Team in the same business rule, you can now assign a record to two assignees, who are Creator and Creator's team.

Better support for environments that use mixed authentication

Administrators can specify separate base URLs for Web Server authentication users and other authentication methods. This option allows the users that are using the mixed authentication environments to use the links in email messages and receive reports via email messages too. This enhancement also provides an option to use separate URLs for survey URLs and web server authentication.

Change in the way the age of a ticket is calculated in Service Analytics

Previously, the work hour and clock hour totals in the data mart trend report were being incorrectly calculated by the incremental load data mart stored procedures for the Ticket Item data marts. To fix issue, a change has been made to the procedure templates.

When the data mart stored procedure templates are changed by an upgrade, a full recalculation of all data marts is triggered. After the upgrade is complete and the Tomcat is restarted, Service Analytics recalculates a full load for all Ticket Item data marts. Because of this, the SQL server insert activity will be busy until all the Full Load with Schedule update tasks in the Data Mart Request Queue are completed.

You can inspect the queue by using the following SQL query:

select c.cntnr_external_name, 
from fpscdb001_system.
v_data_mart_rqst_queue v
join fpscdb001_system.v_cntnr_item_active 
c on c.item_defn_id = v.item_defn_id;

In due course, the queue will only show one or two incremental load tasks or it will appear empty because an incremental load happens quickly. After the task is processed, it is removed from the queue in a few seconds after the insert. The technical support can use the query to diagnose and fix the data mart errors.

The systems that contain a large number of tickets might experience an overall slowness during the recalculation. Also, the Service Analytics data will be unavailable for some items until the recalculation is complete.


Known and corrected issues

For the information about the issues that are corrected in these service pack, see Known and corrected issues.

Downloading the service pack

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

Installing the service pack

For more information about installing the service pack, see Installing.

Upgrading to the service pack

For information about upgrading the service pack, see Upgrading.

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