12.1.07: Service Pack 7

This topic contains information about fixes and enhancements in the FootPrints 12.1.07 release, and provides instructions for downloading and installing or upgrading to 12.1.07 version. For information about the issues that are corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues.

The following topics are provided:

Video overview

The following video (25:53) presentation provides an overview of enhancements in version 12.1.07.


Enhancements and changes

The following table lists items that are new or changed in FootPrints version 12.1.07:

EnhancementDescriptionTopics updatedCommunity idea
Allow customers to view or edit tickets created by other users in their company or department

FootPrints allows you to have multiple contacts for a single organization. Sometimes, the user who initiated a support ticket might not be the one who responds to the queries or might be currently unavailable. The organizational unit feature allows users that belong to the same organization to view or update existing tickets that are linked to their organization.

View my company or my organization unit as a customer
Improved layout for record history

You can get a consolidated view of all updates grouped by a user or an action that initiated an update made to a record. You can also view more history data without having to navigate to another page or using filters to narrow down to view the relevant information. This allows you to quickly evaluate the history events.

Note: Ensure that you review the getTicketDetails web service format that returns the ticket history and update the existing web service calls as the old format will break the existing call.

Easier to read History
Saved search list limited by roleA more efficient access to the Saved Searches as FootPrints now eliminates the searches with content that the user does not have permission to view.NAAbility to hide saved searches and managed searches through role permissions
Improved keyboard navigation and 508 compliance

FootPrints provides additional keyboard shortcuts that users can use to perform actions and navigate across the application. This enables you to perform your job efficiently with the improved keyboard navigation. These keyboard shortcuts support the 508 compliance requirements for the users who need it (508 section 1194.21.a and 1194.31.f).

Report enhancements
  • New and better charts display: Charts now have a better look and feel to spruce up your widgets, dashboards, and reports that are sent via email messages.
  • Show chart counts: By hovering over the area with your mouse pointer, you can see the total for each pie slice, or each bar in the bar charts.
  • Chart percentages: You can add the percentage value of each slice or bar.
  • Show subtotals: Charts can now show counts of one field subtotaled by another field.
  • Streamlined PDFs: More streamlined PDFs which leads to reading efficiency when reviewing reports.
  • Larger Console Widgets: View a larger version of your charts and you can manually resize them.

Support for Windows 2016 and Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 as the server operating system

The following operating systems are supported for FootPrints installations:

  • Windows 2016
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux 7
System requirementsNA

Support for the Microsoft Edge browser

You can use FootPrints on the Microsoft Edge browser.

End of support for Microsoft Internet Explorer browser version 9 and 10Internet Explorer browser versions 9 and 10 are no longer supported.
Ability to migrate to an existing system already in useMigrate version 11 configuration and data to a version 12 system that has already been configured and in use.Migrating from FootPrints version 11.x to version 12.x (Old)NA
FootPrints name change

The product is back to its original name of "FootPrints" as “Service Core” is removed from its name. The product and product documentation are updated accordingly.

All topicsNA
ExtJs library is upgraded to version 5.1.3

The library that is responsible for generating the user interface in the application has been upgraded to a newer version. As a result, the behavior of some functionality might be different compared to the previous versions such as:

  • If you press Enter in HTML fields, double space is inserted instead of a single space.
  • A new calendar icon is used to select dates for Date fields instead of a drop-down arrow.

Known and corrected issues

For information about the issues that are corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues.

Downloading the service pack

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

Installing the service pack

For information about installing the service pack, see Installing.

Upgrading to the service pack

For information about upgrading to the service pack, see Upgrading.

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  1. Bill Bemister

    There are very few things that would bring a smile to my face on the first day of work after a long weekend, but one of them is having a Video Overview of the new release. Thank you for this.

    Sep 05, 2017 08:30
    1. Don Cholish

      I'm glad Bill.  I'm also glad the release warranted a video. (smile)

      Sep 08, 2017 03:49