12.1.02: Service Pack 2

This topic contains information about fixes and enhancements in FootPrints 12.1.02 release, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the 12.1.02 version.

The following topics are provided:


The following items are new or changed in version 12.1.02:

UI enhancements

Enter key to link a Contact to a Ticket

To search for records, to link with minimum number of clicks and keyboard presses, you can now press the Enter key to simulate the action of clicking the Link to button. This action of pressing the Enter key now works for any type of relationship; but it mainly benefits the action of linking a Contact to a Ticket. 

For more information, see Linking records to other records

See the related Idea on BMC Communities.

Improved interface for Scheduled Reports

The interface for scheduling reports is now enhanced to make it more intuitive and match with other screens in the product. The interface for scheduled reports now includes more standardized controls for selecting recipients and scheduling times.

For more information, see Scheduling auto-run reports

New BMC Branding

The login screen is updated as per BMC branding guidelines and standards.

Change management enhancements

Password for Approval option

When configuring an approval state in a Workflow, now you have the option of making it mandatory for a user to enter a password when approving or rejecting.

For more information, see Creating approval processes.

See the related Idea on BMC Communities.


Business rule enhancements

New After Save trigger option

A new option called On Update By User is added to the After Save trigger to enable administrators to distinguish rule updates with that of the updates made by a user. This option facilitates the administrator with more granularity in understanding when the rule will be processed or not processed.

Also, the already existing option On Update is renamed to On Update By User Or Rule.

For more information, see Selecting triggers for business rules.

New Rule criteria for linked records 

A new rule criterion called Linked record that will trigger this rule is introduced from this release to identify a specific linked record that triggered a rule. 

This criteria applies only to the following triggers: 

 On Linked Item Create 

 On Linked Item Delete

 On Linked Item Update

For more information, see Defining criteria for business rules.


Rule Action to Update field values from linked record 

For the rules having a trigger On Linked Item Create, On Linked Item Update or On Linked Item Delete, and action Copy field value from linked or Copy all values from linked, the system will copy the fields from the linked item that triggered the rule.

Enhanced responsiveness to On Screen Rule changes

An On Screen trigger will now be triggered every time a field in the criteria of the rule gets updated.  Because of this, the calculated field values will get updated with each keystroke while entering those values. Previously, the trigger was triggered only when the criteria went from false to true.

Improved format of the log message 

When a rule writes a message to the FootPrints log file, the message now includes the name of the Item Definition and the name of the rule as follows:

(Item: Incident, Rule: Send Email to Assignee):

Performance improvements

Improved performance when importing records and users

A considerable performance improvement is provided to expedite import of record types. The performance of all import types is now improved by 5 times for the first-time runs. This means that you can now import records 5 times faster than before.

Only updated records are imported

Update to import records imports only the changed records and not the every single record again.

Known and corrected issues

For information about the issues that are corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues.

Downloading the service pack

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

Installing the service pack

For information about installing the service pack, see Installing.

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