Configuring BMC Client Management

To use BMC Client Management (BCM) with BMC FootPrints Service Core, BCM must be installed separately into a location that the Service Core server can access. This operation is not part of FootPrints Service Core. For more information, see the BCM documentation.

After BCM is installed, you must enable it in FootPrints Service Core:

  • At the system level
  • In the workspaces that will use the integration

The information about devices in your environments is brought into FootPrints Service Core. When agents select a contact, BCM is searched for associated assets and shows that information to the agent, who can act on it. Also, customers can select assets when opening a ticket.

Templates and Asset Core

When configuring your workspaces to work with BCM, be aware that Quick Ticket Templates must be configured for the Ticket items where you want to include information from BCM.

Configuring integration in BCM

In BCM, you must specify the External Integration properties for the server that FootPrints Service Core will access. You can select a language, which fields to match for alerts, and which alerts you want sent.

You can select a category and severity for generating alerts. You can also select specific alerts in each category. Notifications can be sent for:

  • BCM issues
  • Asset discovery and inventory changes
  • Application changes and license warnings
  • Compliance issues

Each alert creates a ticket in FootPrints Service Core, so select alert settings carefully to prevent a flood of unnecessary tickets. After the ticket is closed, the alert is set to Resolved, and it is closed in BCM.

For detailed information about configuring external integrations in BCM, see the BCM product documentation.

For detailed information about configuring this integration in Service Core, see the Asset Core and BCM Integration Guide and the checklist attached to this topic.

Next step

You must also configure the BCM connection in BMC FootPrints Service Core. If you skip this step, communication between the two applications will not work.

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