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Fast Path Restart Control Facility delivers the following benefits:
  • Ensures the integrity and the usability of MSDBs and related system data sets

  • Automates all DEDB and full-function database recovery functions

  • Reduces the number and complexity of decisions required during IMS restarts

  • Minimizes down-time after an IMS system failure

  • Simplifies and standardizes IMS system start-up procedures

  • Prevents loss of data integrity due to incomplete, or omitted, database recoveries

  • Ensures correctness of the restart procedures and command options for the IMS systems in an IMS-XRF Complex

  • Eliminates IMS restart failures due to system resource damage or unavailability

  • Prevents the selection of an incorrect IMS restart command and the resultant loss of data integrity or IMS system restart failure

The facilities provided by the RCF minimize the MTOs duties and involvement during IMS system restart by automatically determining the processing necessary to ensure database integrity and a successful restart of the IMS system.

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