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The following restrictions for DEDB structural changes apply to Fast Path Online Restructure/EP:
  • Fast Path Online Restructure/EP is designed to handle database changes with a minimum outage time; it is not designed to handle application program changes. As a result, the following restrictions apply:

    • You cannot insert a segment within the hierarchical path of an existing segment.

    • You cannot remove an existing segment.

    • You cannot add or remove a key sequence field on a segment.

    • You cannot change a direct dependent segment to an SDEP or an SDEP to a direct dependent segment.

  • SDEP marker segments are not supported.


If you are using expressions to modify the affected segment, you can make the following changes:

  • You can modify the length of a key sequence field.

  • You can modify a segment from fixed length to variable length or from variable length to fixed length.

  • You can modify the length of a fixed length segment.

  • For variable-length segments, you can increase the minimum length or decrease the maximum length.

For more information about using expressions, see Modifying segment contents by using expressions.

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