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Considerations and recommendations

This topic lists configuration considerations and best practices recommendations.

Configuration considerations

The following configuration considerations apply to Fast Path Online Restructure/EP:

  • BMC licenses Fast Path Online Restructure/EP to run on specific CPUs.

  • To shorten database outage time, BMC recommends that you use DELTA IMS with Fast Path Online Restructure/EP. If you use DELTA IMS (includes load modules from DLALIB), version 6.5.02 or later is required.

  • To prevent SDEP processing corruption, BMC recommends that you install the IMS usermods for the IBM SDEP Scan and Delete utilities.

  • Ensure that version 4.7.00 or later of the DBULIB or IMLIB is installed. You can use load module DBULEVEL to verify the version.

For more information, see Database Products for IMS Customization documentation .

Recommendations for best practices

Installing the following components enhances processing of Fast Path Online Restructure/EP. BMC recommends that you install these components.

Usermods for the IBM SDEP Scan and Delete utilities

BMC recommends that you install the IMS usermods that are provided for the IBM SDEP Scan and Delete utilities.

The usermods prevent the SDEP Scan and Delete utilities from executing during restructure processing. Not allowing these utilities to execute prevents duplicate SDEPs from occurring in the shadow area data sets.

Secondary shadow area data sets

Additional DASD is required for the secondary shadow data sets.

These data sets can be used for recovery purposes, until a valid image copy of the online database is performed.

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