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Performing staging tasks

Before you can use Fast Path Online Restructure/EP, complete the following staging tasks:
  1. (optional) If you are changing the randomizer or any compression algorithms, compile and link the new routines into a staging library.
  2. Create the new database definition (DBD) for the database that you want to restructure, and run DBDGEN to generate the new DBD definition.
  3. (optional) Create the new DBD for any new or changed PFX indexes or IBM native indexes, and run DBDGEN to generate the new DBD definition.
  4. (optional) Create the new restructure program specification block (PSB), and run PSBGEN to generate the new PSB definition.
  5. Execute ACBGEN (or PFXAGEN) to build the ACB members into a staging library.
  6. (optional) If you are adding new areas to the database, register the new areas to DBRC, and make all new area data sets unavailable.
  7. (optional) If you are using expressions to modify the content of a database segment that requires application program changes, compile and link the new programs into a staging library.

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