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Usage considerations

This section lists system, access, authentication, and storage considerations for Fast Path Indexer/EP.

System requirements

  • IBM z/Architecture mainframes

    BMC licenses Fast Path Indexer/EP to run on specific CPUs.

  • IBMz/OS 1.10 or later

  • supported releases of IMS

  • APF authorization for the STEPLIB containing the Fast Path Indexer/EP load library

  • standard IMS RESLIB (SDFSRESL) for execution

Access method

When deciding upon a particular type of access method, consider the following information:

  • You must code the primary DEDB with the PROCSEQ keyword (for PFX indexes) or PROCSEQD keyword (for IBM native indexes) in the PSB before you can access the data in the primary DEDB through an alternate processing sequence method.

  • To access the index as a stand-alone database, you must provide a PCB for that index. You should specify a read-only PROCOPT.

Authentication process

When processing indexes, the Fast Path Indexer/EP product uses the tiered password feature that is available within the security system for the product.

The tiered passwords allow the product's XSCAN, BUILD, VERIFY, and RESYNC commands to process PFX indexes, IBM native indexes, or both.

Authorization tiers




enables the XSCAN, BUILD, VERIFY, and RESYNC commands to process only PFX indexes


enables the XSCAN, BUILD, and VERIFY commands to process only IBM native indexes


reserved for future use


enables the XSCAN, BUILD, and VERIFY commands to process PFX and IBM native indexes

Tier 3 also enables the RESYNC command to process PFX indexes. The commands to process the indexes might be executed in different job steps.

Storage requirements

Fast Path Indexer/EP obtains storage from the extended common service area (ECSA) when possible, regardless of the options that are defined in the IMS system.

Fast Path Indexer/EP must include the minimum storage requirements shown in the following table.





System initialization


10 KB


Normal execution


63 KB


18 KB

Control blocks

5 KB


per PST

1.1 KB


Additional storage

Definition blocks

84 bytes per secondary index database


212 bytes per primary DEDB


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