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Fast Path Indexer/EP terminology

The following table defines basic terms that are key to understanding Fast Path.



primary data-entry database (DEDB)

a direct-access database that consists of one or more areas, with each area containing both root segments and dependent segments

The primary DEDB was formerly called the existing database, existing DEDB, or source database.

secondary index

a PFX index or IBM native index that provides access to a primary DEDB by a path other than the path that the database definition (DBD) provides

secondary index database

a secondary index that is processed as an independent database (formerly called an index database )

PFX index

a secondary index database that is defined in the DBD for the primary DEDB

The secondary index is defined by the Fast Path Indexer/EP PFXCHILD and PFXXDFLD macro statements. Fast Path Indexer/EP uses other macro statements to specify partitioned index DBD names and build the definition block. For more information, see Fast Path Indexer/EP PFX index macros.

IBM native index

(IMS version 12.1 and later) a secondary index database that is defined in the DBD for the primary DEDB

The IBM LCHILD or XDFLD statement defines the secondary index. For more information, see the IBM documentation.

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