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Customer support

You can obtain technical support by using the BMC Support Central website or by contacting Customer Support by telephone or e-mail.

To expedite your inquiry, see Before contacting BMC.

Support website

You can obtain technical support from BMC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at From this website, you can:

  • Read overviews about support services and programs that BMC offers

  • Find the most current information about BMC products

  • Search a database for problems similar to yours and possible solutions

  • Order or download product documentation

  • Download products and maintenance

  • Report a problem or ask a question

  • Subscribe to receive proactive e-mail alerts

  • Find worldwide BMC support center locations and contact information, including e-mail addresses, fax numbers, and telephone numbers

Support by telephone or e-mail

In the United States and Canada, if you need technical support and do not have access to the web, call 1 800 537 1813 or send an e-mail message to (In the subject line, enter SupID:yourSupportContractID, such as SupID:12345). Outside the United States and Canada, contact your local support center for assistance.

Before contacting BMC

Have the following information available so that Customer Support can begin working on your issue immediately:

  • Product information

    • Product name

    • Product version (release number)

    • License number and password (trial or permanent)

  • Operating system and environment information

    • Machine type

    • Operating system type, version, and service pack or other maintenance level such as PUT or PTF

    • System hardware configuration

    • Serial numbers

    • Related software (database, application, and communication) including type, version, and service pack or maintenance level

  • Sequence of events leading to the problem

  • Commands and options that you used

  • Messages received (and the time and date that you received them)

    • Product error messages

    • Messages from the operating system

    • Messages from related software

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