Viewing impact analysis for a CI

From the CI details page, you can review the impact analysis for changes proposed for a CI. An icon appears for each related record. Each icon is labeled as follows:

  • For contacts, the value of the field identified as the Primary Key (usually the Email address field) is shown.
  • For services and CIs, the value in the Title field is shown.
  • For all other record types (tickets, surveys, master contacts, solutions, contracts, SLTs, and WTs), the value of the Item Number field is shown.

When you move your cursor over an object on the grid, the name of the link appears in a tool tip.

When multiple CIs with the same CI type are included in this view, they are grouped inside a box. If there are more than 10 of the same CI type, the box is collapsed to save space and provide a clear view of the relationships. You can expand the box to view the details and then collapse it again.

The arrows connecting CIs and groups point in the direction of the underlying relationship. For example, if the relationship is Ticket/CI, the arrow points from the Ticket to the CI.

If multiple relationships exist between the same two CIs or groups, only the main path is shown (the one related most directly to the selected CI).

To view impact analysis

  1. Open a CI record in your CMDB.
  2. Click Actions > Show Impact Analysis.
    The Impact Analysis grid appears.
  3. Do any of the following:
    • To adjust the depth of the data shown in the grid, move the Depth slider left or right.
      You can also type a level number in the box to the right of the slider. 
    • To adjust the level of detail shown in the grid, move the Zoom slider left or right.
      You can also type a percentage in the box to the right of the slider.
    • To remove specific objects from the display, select the CI or CI group and click Hide.
    • To show hidden objects again, click Reset Graph. Clicking this button returns the graph to the original settings.
    • To run an analysis on a CI, select the CI or CI group and click Analyze.
    • To see a graphical representation of the relationships, click Visualization at the right side of the grid header.
      The downstream Dependencies, Backups, Connections and Contacts are shown.
  4. When you have finished reviewing the impact, click the small x in the tab to close this page and return to the CI details page.

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