Using FootPrints with a Customer role

A customer role is intended for employee end-users or external customers, enabling these users to submit, track their own requests or issues, and search the knowledge base. BMC does not charge a fee for customer users.

As a FootPrints customer, if the Submitter field has your user ID or your contact information is included in the Contacts field, you can view requests and tickets that you create or that are created for you. Depending on the permissions assigned to your user ID, you can update your requests and/or tickets, search a service catalog to request services and/or search a knowledge base for solutions on your own. If the Chat feature is enabled for your system, from your Home page, you can with Agents assigned to your account.

Customer roles have the read-only permissions for the following features:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Address Book
  • Service Portfolio
  • CMDB

Customer roles do not have access to the following features:

  • Administration
  • Reporting (You can email scheduled reports to a customer)
  • They cannot be assigned to resolve tickets

To ensure that a customer has access to FootPrints, can be identified as the contact on a ticket, and only has access to the appropriate data, when setting up a new customer, it is important to ensure that the customer account has the following components:

User AccountIt is used as the ID and password of the customer user account. The users can have generic or unique IDs and passwords. This record is stored in a database.
Contact RecordIt is used to store the contact information for the user in the FootPrints Address book. It can also be read dynamically from an LDAP or an External Database/SQL source and it depends on the fields in the Address Book.
Primary Key

It is a field in the Address book which is used to link the customer account and contact records. The Primary Key can User ID, Email Address that is used to uniquely identify a user.

RoleDefines the permission level for the user. You can assign out-of-the-box or create custom roles.

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