Updating tickets

You can upload attachments, assign the ticket, and change the state of your tickets. You cannot edit or move a record on which another user is working.

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How edit locking works

When multiple users have editing permissions for a record and attempt to edit or move it at the same time, the Edit Lock feature prevents the second and subsequent users from working on the record until the first user has saved the record and left Edit mode for that record.

Conversely, background processes that update records (such as incoming email or business rules) ignore the lock and update the record. When a background process or another user updates a record, the first user gets a warning message upon attempting to save, that the record has been updated since they started editing and their changes cannot be saved. The user must refresh the record before they can save it.

When you attempt to edit or move a ticket that someone is currently editing, a warning message appears, advising you that the ticket is currently locked by User <xyz>. 

If you have permission to unlock the ticket, an Unlock button appears. Clicking this button removes the lock initiated by the other user and any changes made by that user are discarded. A message appears on their screen, explaining the situation.

Otherwise, when you are locked out of a record, you must exit the record and work on it later.


A Time-Based business rule with any of the following actions does not cause an update to a record:

  • Send email to
  • Send Survey email
  • Execute pending Advanced Action in BMC Client Management
  • Broadcast message
  • Write to Log
  • Set color of record

If you are editing a ticket when a Time-Based rule is executed for any of the above actions, you will not receive a message that the ticket has been updated.

To edit a ticket

  1. From your Home page, open the ticket that you want to modify and click Edit.
  2. To apply a template to this ticket, click Templates and select a template.
    The Ticket pane refreshes to show the fields and values defined in the template. 
  3. Modify the fields as needed, following the instructions in Creating tickets.
  4. In the Description section:

    • To add an entry, type the information in the text field.
    • To edit a previous entry, click the pencil icon next to the entry that you want to modify and make the necessary changes.
      You can update the latest Description or journal entry only if you have made a recent update or if you have the system administrator permission.
    • To search for a solution and copy the contents, next to the Copy from label, click Knowledge Base, search for the solution, select it, and then click Copy Resolution.
      The contents of the solution are added to the Description field.
  5. Perform one of the following actions:
    • To submit the current changes, but continue working on the record to make further changes, click Save.
    • To save and close the form, click Submit.

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