Planning your survey

Before configuring your survey in FootPrints, take some time to plan:

  1. Decide whether to use an internal or external survey.
    • Internal surveys enable customers to access and complete surveys anonymously from FootPrints without having to log on. A link to the survey is emailed to customers. Their responses are collected in Survey items and can be used to create reports. You can create as many surveys as you need  in any workspace.
    • External surveys are created outside of FootPrints (such as in a Microsoft Word document) and are attached to the survey email sent to customers. You can also provide a link in the survey email to external Web-based surveys. Before reports can be created from external surveys, customer responses must be manually entered by an agent into a Survey item (similar to entering information in a ticket).
  2. Create a draft of your survey (including survey questions and responses) and instructions, using custom fields.
    For example, create questions with multiple choice responses, such as: "Rate the level of service you received from 1 (low) to 10 (high)". If you plan to create metrics from the responses, you might want to store number values that correspond with each reply. You can either present an input to the user to enter the number, or present them with a list of options. If you choose to provide a list of options, you must create a corresponding field for each question to store the numeric value, and set rules after the survey is submitted. You can also use Service Analytics to parse the strings to get your metrics from the values in list.
  3. Create the survey email template text.
    For example: "Please complete the survey at: [URL_PAIR] regarding your recently resolved [ITEM TYPE NAME] [TICKET NUMBER], [TITLE]." The fields will be replaced by values in the survey email.
  4. Determine who will receive the survey.
    Surveys can be sent to the contacts listed on the ticket, or to specified email addresses (including distribution lists).
  5. Determine when to send the survey:
    • Decide what will trigger the survey, such as when a ticket is closed
    • Decide whether to send the survey every time a ticket is closed, or at a specified frequency
    • Decide whether to limit the number of surveys that are sent to a customer within a certain period


The link to the survey remains active for seven days after it is sent.

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