Language information

FootPrints is fully internationalized and localized with a UI that is translated into multiple languages. The default language is U.S. English. Additional built-in language packs are included and can be installed with the product. The language packs can also be added at a later time by the system administrator. There are four built-in language packs in addition to English: French, German, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Once the language packs are installed, users can select which language to display in their user preferences.

Additional language packs can be created and installed by System Administrators. For more information, go to the Support site.

Customizing terminology per language

Administrators can customize UI terminology in item and template fields and forms for each language. Each item in a container can have completely different text. For example, one version of a Ticket item could be used for tickets submitted to an English-speaking support team and another version used for a French-speaking support team. For more information, see Localizing fields and forms.

User documentation


The English user documentation is available as online help in a wiki format, as well as customizable PDFs of the entire content.

Other Languages

The localized user documentation is available as HTML help that system administrators can download from our Support site and install locally as offline help.

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