Generating the Service Analytics translation files

Once you generate a custom language pack, you are required to generate the Service Analytics translation files. These files are required to translate strings on reports to the custom language. Before FootPrints version 12.1.07, a single file called the DMF file was used to perform all translations in the reporting tool. Starting from version 12.1.07, a second file called the TMF file is required to dynamically loaded certain Service Analytic UI elements. Both files are placed in the same directory.

To generate the Service Analytics translation files

  1. Go to the command prompt.
  2. Run the AnalyticsDmfGeneratorTool program by providing the following parameters:

  • inputlocation: The location of language pack folders.
  • outputlocation: The location in which to generate the Service Analytics translations files.
  • lang: The locale code of the language pack to generate.

For example:

java -cp C:\Users<user name>\Documents\Multilizer\Projects\languagecreator.jar com.numarasoftware.footprints.tool.translation.AnalyticsDmfGeneratorTool -inputlocation C:\Users<user name>\Documents\Multilizer\Projects\language-pack -outputlocation C:\Users<user name>\Documents\Multilizer\Projects\language-pack -lang it_IT

After successful program execution, the following files are generated:

  • C:\MyLanguageProject\LanguagePacks\footprints.dmf_it_IT.xml
  • C:\MyLanguageProject\LanguagePacks\ReportEditor.TmfAdWrapper_it_IT.xml

The DMF file is provided for all versions. The second TMF file is a new addition and is only available for FootPrints version 12.1.07 and later. 

The directory and the full file names are shown in the output of the program along with success messages. If you received any error messages, check the command parameters and directory names and rerun the command.


After creating a language pack for non Latin-based languagess, to ensure that you can export reports to in the Excel format in Service Analytics, you must replace the strings that start with "SetAttribute XPath="//Validation" with the English strings in the footprints.dmf_<ja_JP> and ReportEditor.TmfAgWrapper_<ja_JP> files.
For example, change the <SetAttribute XPath="//Validation[@ErrorMsg='Report Visibility is required.']" ErrorMsg="Report Visibility is required." />.

Next step

Packaging the language pack and Service Analytics translation files

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