Exporting container configurations

After you have defined the settings for your containers and items, you can export the configuration details into an XML template and use that template to restore the configuration settings. For example, you can export a workspace as a template, and the fields, forms, and rules will all be included.

You can use this function in conjunction with a container's configuration report to maintain consistency across related containers, or to test new configurations while keeping the original settings available. For more information about configuration reports, see Running a configuration report.

For information about importing template settings, see Importing container templates.

To export a container configuration as a template

  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. In the appropriate section, click the container that you want to export or click Manage and select it.
    You can also export from a container that you have open for editing.
  3. Click Actions > Export to template file.
    The Open/Save dialog box appears.
  4. Select whether to open or save the file and click OK.
    A message appears when the file has been downloaded.

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