Email filters

You can restrict FootPrints from sending and receiving email from certain email accounts or domains. For example, you can use this feature to prevent sending mail to or receiving mail from a Mailer Daemon account, block known spammers, and temporarily block email for a user who is on vacation.

Filters for "Out of Office" and "Vacation" email messages are implemented at the system level. You can create default filters at the system level and create additional filters for individual workspaces. Workspace filters override system filters for that workspace.

Incomplete addresses can be used in filters, such as "". The systems checks whether the sender's address contains the partial address or domain name specified and acts accordingly.


  • To block a domain, enter the domain address: "".
  • To block a particular address, enter the address in the box (for example "").
  • To block any address with a specific word in it, enter that word in the box. For example, to block an address with the word "mailer" in it, enter: "mailer".

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