Editing CMDBs

If you are authorized, you can edit any CMDB configuration to update fields, forms, rules, workflow, and so on. After you create or modify a CMDB container, you must publish the CMDB container to make the most recent version available. The changes are stored in a draft version of the CMDB container until you publish them. You can also discard the draft changes and revert to the CMDB container to the last published state if you want to start over from the last stable state.

If multiple users with edit permissions try to edit the CMDB container at the same time, only the first user is allowed to edit. The other users cannot edit the CMDB container. However, if the other users choose to unlock the CMDB container for editing, the first user will not be able to edit anymore and any unsaved changes will be lost. 


After you upgrade to Footprints version 12.1.09 or later from an earlier version, to enable the Discard Unpublished Changes feature, you must publish the CMDB containers that were created before the upgrade at least once.

To edit a CMDB

  1. Open the CMDB that you want to modify:
    1. Click the Administration tab.
    2. In the CMDBs section, click the name of the CMDB, or click Manage to open the CMDB Administration page and then double-click the CMDB.

  2. Modify the settings as needed. For detailed instructions, see Configuring CMDBs.
  3. Click Save.
  4. (Optional) To discard the unpublished changes, click Discard Unpublished Changes and then click Yes.
  5. To implement your changes, in the breadcrumb trail, click the CMDB link and then click Save and Publish.
    For more information, see Publishing containers.

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