Deleting work schedules

You can delete work schedules if they are not assigned to any containers. Before you can delete an assigned work schedule, you must select another work schedule for the affected containers. This restriction also applies to the System Default work schedule whether it is the Normal Work Week schedule created during installation or one that was created for your environment and designated as the System Default.

In addition, you cannot delete the work schedule designated as the System Default if it is the only work schedule. If you want to delete that work schedule, first you must designate another work schedule as the System Default and assign it to the appropriate containers.

For more information about assigning work schedules, see the Related topics.

To delete a work schedule

  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. In the System Management section, click Work Schedules.
  3. Select the work schedule that you want to delete and verify that it is not assigned to any containers and is not the System Default schedule.
  4. If the work schedule is assigned, change the assignments, following the instructions provided in Configuring work schedules.
  5. If the work schedule is not assigned, click Delete.
    A confirmation message displays.
  6. Click Yes.
    The schedule is removed from the list.

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