Defining survey email templates

You can create survey email templates and link them to specific surveys. For general instructions on creating email templates, see Creating and managing email templates.


The link to the survey remains active for seven days after it is sent.

To create a survey email template

  1. Open the Template Manager page and click the Administration tab:
    1. In the Workspaces section, click the workspace or click Manage to open the Workspace Administration page. Then double-click the workspace.
      The container details page appears.
    2. In the left pane, click Email Templates.
      The Email Templates page appears.
  2. Click New.
    The Template builder page appears, showing the Tool Palette in the left pane. This page is similar to the page used for creating forms. For detailed information, see Configuring forms
  3. In the Properties section of the Tool Palette, complete the fields as follows:
    1. In the Name field, type a descriptive name for the template.
    2. (Optional) In the Description field, type an explanation of this template's purpose.
    3. In the Container field, select the container (such as a Workspace) that contains the Ticket item for which you want to send the survey.
    4. (Optional) In the Item Type field, select the Ticket item for this template.

    5. (Optional) Clear the Include attachments from the item check box.
    6. (Optional) In the Text Emails section, select Manually customize the template for text notifications.
      Selecting this option means you must create the text version of the message yourself on the Text tab.
  4. In the Subject field:
    1. Enter the subject text.
    2. (Optional) To include field variables, click Fields and Keywords in the left pane. Drag the labels and fields onto the Subject field.
      Collapse and expand sections to find the fields you want to insert. For example, you might want to say "Please complete the survey at (survey page URL) regarding your recently resolved (item type) (ticket number), (title)." In this case, select the following and replace the words between the parentheses:
      • From the System section: [URL_PAIR]
      • From the Item Fields section: [ITEM TYPE NAME] , [TICKET NUMBER], [TITLE]
        Your text will look as follows: "Please complete the survey at: [URL_PAIR] regarding your recently resolved [ITEM TYPE NAME] [TICKET NUMBER], [TITLE]."


        The [URL] keyword is applicable only to a template used in Send Survey Action and not to any other item. 

  5. In the Body section, enter text in the HTML tab, including fields that you will select in the next step.
  6. (Optional) Insert Fields and Keywords following the instructions for the Subject field above.
  7. Click Save.
    The new survey template is created. 

Next step

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