Defining rules for sending email reminders

You can define a rule that sends an email reminding the agents assigned to a ticket that it needs attention. In the same rule, you might include an action that changes the color of the affected tickets. For more information, see Defining rules for displaying records in color.

When specific recipients are identified in notifications, formats for date and time zone fields in the notifications are controlled by the user preferences of the recipients. Otherwise, the format settings from the work schedule assigned to the container are used.


If you plan to use email templates with this rule, make sure to create them before proceeding. For more information, see Creating and managing email templates.

To define a rule for sending email reminders

  1. Open the item where you want to define the rule:

    1. Click the Administration tab.

    2. In the Workspaces section, click the name of the workspace, or click Manage to open the Workspace Administration page. Then double-click the workspace.

    3. In the left pane of the Workspace details page, click Record Definitions.
    4. In the Items page, double-click the item that you want to modify.
  2. In the left pane of the Item details page, click Business Rules.
    Icons for the rules associated with this item appear in the right pane.
  3. Click New Business Rule and select Email Reminder Rule.
    The Rule Builder page appears. For detailed information about configuring different types of rules, see Types of business rules.
  4. In the Business Rule Name field, enter a descriptive name for this rule.
  5. (Optional) In the Description field, type a description that explains the purpose of this rule.
  6. In the Business Rule Schedule field, accept the default of Run Any Time, or select from the work schedules defined for this container..
  7. In the Triggers section:
    1. Click Add New Trigger.
      In the Trigger field, Time based is already selected.
    2. In the Frequency field, select how often you want a reminder sent.
    3. Click Create.
  8. In the Criteria section:
    1. Click Add new condition.
    2. In the first field, select Age.
      The Condition field is set to is equal to.
    3. In the Days, Hours and Minutes fields, select how old the ticket should be when the reminder is sent.
      All three fields are required.
    4. In the Schedule Type, select the work schedule that should be used to schedule the reminders.
    5. Click Create.
  9. In the Actions section:
    1. Click Add New Action.
    2. In the Action field, select Send email to.
      You can create additional actions such as setting the color so that the agents can quickly identify late tickets.
    3. In the Recipient fields, select the users who will receive the email and then select which email addresses to use.
      • If you select Specified addresses, the Email Addresses field appears where you can enter the email addresses.
      • If you select Addresses in a field, the Field Name field appears where you can select the field.
      • If you select Assignee, Supervisor of Assignee, Team leader of assigned Teams,Last Agent to edit Incident, or Incident submitter, check boxes appear where you can select from the defined email addresses.


        Select at least one of the check boxes to ensure that the rule works.
      • If you select Addresses in a linked record, the Link Type field appears where you can select the relationship.
    4. (Optional) In the Email Template field, select a template.
    5. (Optional) In the Importance field, select a delivery importance level.
    6. (Optional) To prevent the reminder from being sent to the last agent who modified the ticket, select Exclude address of last modifying Agent.
    7. Click Create.
  10. Click Save.
  11. To implement your changes, in the breadcrumb trail, click the workspace link and then click Save and Publish

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