Customizing Agent Mobile forms

You can customize Agent Mobile forms to the extent of selecting which fields to display. To work with the Agent Web and Customer Web forms, follow the instructions provided in Configuring forms.


In Version 12 and later of FootPrints, users can access only workspace data from their mobile devices. For this reason, you need only customize the Agent Mobile forms in the appropriate workspaces.

To customize the Agent Mobile form

  1. Open the item where you want to modify the Agent Mobile form:
    1. Click the Administration tab.
    2. In the appropriate section, click the name of the container or click Manage to open the container Administration page. Then double-click the container.
      The container details page appears.
    3. In the left pane, click the item link (such as Record Definitions for workspaces or Contacts for address books).
      The Items page appears.
    4. Double-click the item.
      The item details page appears.
  2. In the left pane, click Forms.
  3. Double-click the Agent Mobile form.
  4. Move fields between the left (Available) and right (Selected) columns by selecting one or more fields and clicking the arrows.
  5. (Optional) To change the display order, in the Selected column, move the fields up and down in the same way.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Publish the container to implement your changes:
    1. In the breadcrumb trail, click the container link.

    2. Click Save and Publish.
      A confirmation message appears.

    3. Click Yes.
      The Publication Succeeded message appears, showing the number of errors and warnings.

Next step

To verify that the Agent Mobile form displays correctly, access the Mobile interface following the instructions provided in Using FootPrints Mobile.

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