Creating tickets via email

If incoming email is configured for your system, both agents and customers can submit tickets without logging in to FootPrints. You send your ticket information in an email to a FootPrints email account and it is processed as if it had been submitted via the web.

The subject of the email becomes the Title and the body of the email becomes the Description in the new ticket. You only need to include fields that are required for the workspace. In many cases, this is only the Title and Description. Your email address is used by the system to identify you as the Submitter and any related contact information stored in FootPrints is linked to your ticket. CC addressees become part of the ticket as well.

While configuring your incoming email for workspaces, you can customize the settings to fill out the From and Cc fields automatically, as required. For more information see, Configuring incoming email for workspaces.

You can include information for other fields by sending the field name and field value in the format <fieldname>=<value>. If you send an invalid field value, an error message is sent back to you. If you send an invalid field name, the <fieldname=value> statement is added to the Description field. This is also done for any other text that the system cannot identify as field-related information. Check with your Administrator if you are not sure whether other field information is needed.

If you need to submit a ticket for another user, include an extra line in the body of the email that includes the name of the correct submitter in the format The sender's email address is entered as the Submitter instead of your email address.

Mandatory ticket fields also required for email submission

If your administrator has configured email processing to require mandatory fields, and you submit a ticket that does not include information for all of them, an error message is sent back via email and the ticket is not created. Add the missing information and send the email again.

To submit a ticket via email

  1. Create a new message in your email application.
  2. Select the email address provided by your Administrator for submitting tickets to FootPrints.
  3. In the Subject field, type a brief explanation of your request or issue.
    This explanation becomes the Title of your ticket.
  4. In the body of the email message:
    1. Provide details to help the responding agent understand your request.
      This information becomes the Description of your ticket.
    2. To submit a ticket for another user, include a line in the body of the email that includes the other user's email address in format: .
    3. Provide any additional required information in format: <fieldname>=<value>.
      For example, type Priority=1 to set the new ticket to the highest priority or type Global=Yes to identify the ticket as a Global Ticket.
  5. Send the email.
    You will be notified when your ticket is created and when pertinent updates occur.

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