Creating survey items

You must create a survey item to hold your survey fields and business rules. Survey items can be used by multiple Ticket items and rules.

Remember to update the permissions for the user roles that will create and review the new survey item so the appropriate users can access it.

To create a survey item

  1. Open the workspace where you want to add the survey:
    1. Click the Administration tab.
    2. In the Workspace section, click the name of the workspace or click Manage to open the Workspace Administration page. Then double-click the workspace.
      The Workspace details page appears.

  2. In the left pane, click Record Definitions.
    The Items page appears.

  3. To create a new survey, click New Item > Survey Item.
    The Item details page appears.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Publish the workspace to implement your changes:

    1. In the breadcrumb trail, click the Workspace link.

    2. Click Save and Publish.
      A confirmation message appears.

    3. Click Yes.
      The Publication Succeeded message appears, showing the number of errors and warnings.

Next step

Creating survey questions

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