Configuring email notification for workspaces

You can configure the email notifications sent for individual workspaces, creating specialized email templates and defining rules to control when notifications are sent and to whom. The settings you define in a workspace override system settings but only for email processed for that workspace.

To configure email notification for workspaces

  1. Click the Administration tab
  2. In the System Management section, click Email Settings > Notifications (Workspace).
  3. In the Workspace field, select the workspace that you want to configure.
  4. In the Identification for Email Notification section:
    1. Click the pencil icon next to the workspace item that you want to configure.
    2. In the Reply To Address field, enter the email address to which email recipients should reply.
    3. In the Display in From Field, enter the name that should display in the From field of the email messages.
    4. Click Update.
  5. In the Email Address Filters section:
    1. (Optional) To review the email filters configured at the system level, click Show System Filters.
      The system level filters appear but you cannot edit them from this page.
    2. To add a filter for this workspace:
      1. Click Add.
        A blank row appears.
      2. In the Filtered Address field, enter the address that you want to manage.
      3. In the Type field, select whether to block outgoing email or send email only from this address.
        Options are Do not send notifications to address, or Send notifications only to address.
        The Where Filter Applies field shows the workspace where this filter applies. (If no workspace appears in this field, the filter applies for the entire system.)
      4. Click Update.
    3. To edit a filter, click the pencil icon next to the filter. Modify the fields as needed and then click Update.
    4. To delete a filter, select the check box next to the filter and click Delete. A confirmation message appears. Click Yes.
      The Business Rules section shows the applicable Email Notification business rules (if any).
  6. Click Save.
    Your changes are implemented. There is no need to republish your workspace.

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