Configuring Customer Sign-Up

You can allow customers to self-register using the Customer Sign-Up functionality. This functionality enables customers to create their own user accounts by signing up. This reduces a lot of administration overhead incurred when creating new accounts. After customers sign up, they get access to various containers and they will be able to submit Tickets, view a Knowledge Base, or view a Service Catalog.

To enable customer sign-up

  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. In the System Management section, click Customer Sign-Up.
    The Customer Sign-Up page appears.
  3. Select Enable Customer Sign-Up.
  4. In the System Role field, select the appropriate role.
    Only Roles of Type Customer will display here.
  5. In the Assign Containers to User section, select at least one container (such as a workspace or address book), along with a role for each container:
    1. In the Container field, select the container to which you want to assign the user. To select all listed containers, select the check box in the header.
    2. In the Container Role column, select the appropriate role for each container that you selected.
      For example, you can select a Request Read role and a Request Read/Submit/Edit role in another.
  6. In the Language field, select a default language.  
    By default, the language of the locale is selected. The customers can change the language after signing up.
  7. In the Local Time Zone field, select a default time zone.
    For example, select America/New_York (EST). The customers can select a different time zone for themselves after signing up.
  8. In the Date Format field, select a default from American, European, and ISO formats. The customers can select a different date format after signing up
  9. (Optional) In Create Contact in Address Book, select Address Book Containing Contact.


    If you want the account to be created only for those who are already in the Address Book, select Contact must already exist to add an account.

  10. In Address Book Fields, when adding a new account, by default, the First Name, Last Name, Email Address and the primary key field are selected by default.
    To select additional fields, double-click the required field in Available Fields list or select the required field and click the Right arrow to move it to the Selected Fields list.

    User Details 


    You can sort the order in which these fields appear by using the arrow keys.

  11. Click Save.

After you enable Customer Sign-Up, customers can see the Sign-Up link on the login page.

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