Agent permissions

Agent permissions assigned at the system level control users' access to the application. Agent permissions assigned at the container level control their access to each container and the items within it. Users with Agent roles might be assigned:

  • Only those Agent permissions needed to perform their tasks (such as Financial Approvers)
  • A combination of limited Agent permissions plus limited administrative permissions (such as Agents and Team Leads)
  • All Agent permissions plus some Administrator permissions (such as Service Desk supervisors)


Use caution when assigning non-default permissions to Agent roles. For example, allowing an Agent role to access the User Management page also allows that role to delete users from the system.

The following are the default settings for Agent roles:

  • View, create, and edit records (their own and their team’s)
  • Delete records they created
  • Chat with customers
  • Search knowledge bases and copy solutions into tickets
  • Access shared reports in Service Analytics to view, create, print, and export reports

You can assign container Administrator permissions to Agent roles. These roles:

  • Have all Agent permissions
  • Are assigned limited Administrator permissions such as creating services, surveys, or reports
  • May have approver permissions
  • Can view their own and shared reports

By planning carefully, you can create a useful set of Agent roles to manage security and workflow efficiently.

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