Adding solutions to tickets

You can search for solutions from within a ticket in any knowledge bases for which you are authorized, selecting the most likely source for the solution. The found information can be copied into the Description field on the ticket.

A solution may contain step-by-step instructions, an answer to a question, or a reference to another site for more information. It may also include attachments such as patches, documents or images.

To add a solution to a ticket

  1. Open the ticket that you want to resolve, or create a new ticket.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Actions > Search in KB.
    • In the Description section, click Copy from: Knowledge Base.
      The Search Knowledge Base dialog box appears.
  3. Enter search criteria.
    For detailed instructions, see Using Advanced Search and saving searches.
  4. When you find an appropriate solution, select it and click Copy Resolution.
    The contents of the solution are pasted into the Description field.
  5. Click Save.
  6. At the bottom of each solution, you may see the question, "Was this solution useful to you?" Select the appropriate answer (Yes, No, or Yes but inaccurate).
    If you select No or Yes but inaccurate, a comments dialog box appears where you can explain why the solution did not help you. The popularity ranking of the solution is enhanced if the users respond with a Yes. However, a No response does not affect the popularity ranking of the solution.
  7. Follow the steps required to resolve the ticket.

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